1U uses advanced security technologies
to ensure your private life stays private.


1U is built on VeridiumID an end-to-end multifactor biometric authentication solution, enabling it to capture and recognize unique facial biometrics.. This secure biometric platform uses advanced facial mapping technology to make a record of each user’s precise facial coordinates, which they can then use as their login method.

1U’s 1-Look™ technology fast-tracks you into your website without you ever having to touch the keyboard. Using your facial coordinates, 1-Look capability launches your browser and logs you into a website on your phone or desktop.


In order to ensure that your information is kept secure, 1U offers several levels of login security:

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Access your saved websites simply by scanning your face. 1U’s 1-Look technology authenticates your identity by charting the precise coordinates of your inimitable facial features.

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TouchID, available on the iPhone 6 and higher, leverages your fingerprint as an added form of login security. Or, apply a TouchID only login to sites you want to access quickly and securely.

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With Custom Liveness, users preset a custom series of gestures to be performed before accessing a website. Only the user knows the sequence, making Custom Liveness our most secure login method.


Both 1U and 1U Turing are powered by 571 Elliptic Curve Cryptography, providing security beyond military grade encryption. Plus, our AWS-based (Amazon Web Server) flexible and secure cloud computing platform ensures 1U will be running when you need it.

When you encrypt a file using 1U Turing, our technology protects your files so they can’t be accessed without your consent. Unless you’ve explicitly granted access to your content, it’s going to be totally unusable to any hackers. With 1U Turing you can also securely share content with friends and family. Just designate a recipient, and that person can use their own unique biometric features to see and respond to what you’ve shared.